Enigma Schnauzers

Those seeking an excellent family dog or a smart stylish show dog, need look no further than a miniature Enigma Schnauzer.

My mini's are in no way toyish or delicate. they stand 30 to 36 cm tall at the shoulders and weigh less than 8kg. Their outer coat is rough and wiry with a dense undercoat, long hair on the beard, eye brows, moustache and legs.

The unique salt and pepper colouring along with the solid black and silver pattern makes them stand out. The nonshed coat makes them acceptable anywhere. They just love the frequent grooming and clipping required to keep their coat clean and tangle free.

My little friends are by no means couch potatoes. They are highly intelligent, easily trained and always eager to please. Their loyal and loving nature makes them very adaptable to both the town and country lifestyle. They just have that EXTRA character. My dogs are excellent with children and will alert you instantly to the presence of strangers... a true friend for life.

You don't own a miniature Schnauzer..it owns YOU!!

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